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Experience the harmony of sophistication and celebration with Siam Planner's logo, where every character is a gateway to an unforgettable event. The artwork captures the essence of Thailand's festive spirit, from the nobility of a horse to the allure of a sharp suit, culminating in a symphony of music and celebration. This logo encapsulates our tailored event experiences, highlighting our role as a Thai party planner and provider of luxury events in Thailand, including bespoke bachelor parties in Pattaya, Bangkok or Phuket and immersive nightlife experiences.

Bangkok - Pattaya - Phuket
Siam Planner Co., LTD.

Don’t let YOUR EVENT be another stock party!

We Design, Organize, And Manage Weddings & Parties

Matching YOUR Plan & YOUR Budget!

Make the special day truly special in Thailand!

What can Siam Planner do for me?

Presenting Siam Planner's masterful frame art, where traditional Thai artistry meets the splendor of party and destination wedding planning. The canvas is graced with symmetrical phoenix designs, rich with Thai cultural motifs, symbolizing the transformative experiences we craft for each celebration. This frame art, destined to be paired with an engaging typewriter text effect, proudly heralds our services, which span from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, to Western and European destination weddings, along with personalized parties such as club events and birthday festivities.

Step into a world where tradition meets luxury with Siam Planner's logo, a mesmerizing blend of Thailand's iconic symbols tailored for the discerning client. The logo artfully intertwines a cerulean Naga, an emblematic elephant, and a regal Yaksha, reflecting our prowess in organizing Thai weddings and cultural ceremonies. It's a visual promise of Siam Planner's commitment to crafting bespoke destination weddings and exclusive party experiences in Thailand's most exotic venues.

Siam Planner: Your Gateway to Exceptional Parties & Weddings in Thailand

Explore Siam Planner's 'Festive Kaleidoscope', a vibrant painting depicting a range of services offered in Thailand, including birthday parties, romantic dinners, wine tastings, anniversaries, graduation celebrations, corporate events, wedding proposals, and cultural festivities. Each scene is richly detailed, celebrating life's moments with a touch of Thai artistic heritage, perfect for events and Parties in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.
Siam Planner's Exclusive Luxury Event Transportation Options -This artistic masterpiece, 'Luxury Transport Fantasia', by Siam Planner, epitomizes the lavish transportation choices for weddings and parties in Thailand. Depicting imaginative vehicles like a private jet-whale, a dragonfly-helicopter, and an elephant-shaped hot air balloon, it illustrates the premium, customized transport solutions we provide for unforgettable events in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. The painting also features a yacht as sleek as a dolphin, a culturally iconic TukTuk, and a majestic Thai dragon limousine, encapsulating the essence of luxury and tradition for your special day.

Are you planning a party or wedding in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket) and need some help? Look no further than Siam Planner, The number one party and wedding planner in Thailand. We’re ready to bring our creativity, organizational skills, and expertise to your celebration. From location to food, from décor to music, groom suit, and wedding dress, we can design, organize, and manage your celebration to make it everything you want it to be. Invitation cards, mementos for guests, transportation, video, photography—our expertise and connections are waiting to make your special day truly unforgettable!

With a dedicated, hard-working, creative team of professionals, Siam Planner Co., LTD, designs celebrations just for you. Not only do we provide specialized design packages, we also organize and manage the whole celebration for you.

No matter the kind of celebration you need, Siam Planner has you covered:

Personal: We design and manage private celebrations like (Thai, Indian, Chinese, Western, and so on...) International wedding parties, club parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, honeymoons, marriage proposals, anniversaries, birthday parties, and more!

Business: Siam Planner designs and manages corporate parties like business gatherings, conferences, seminars, festivals, concerts, and more!

Let us help you push the limits of your celebration. We organize whatever you need, be that a TukTuk, limousine, private jet, bodyguards, live music, hotel, yacht, air balloon—the sky is the limit with Siam Planner!

Siam Planner Plan Section
Explainer Song
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Your Budget, Your Vision, Our Expertise - We Make It Happen!

We Design, Organize, And Manage Events Matching YOUR Plan & YOUR Budget!

Siam Planner's Bronze Plan coin art displays an archer on horseback, capturing the dynamic and adventurous spirit of organizing budget-friendly yet memorable parties and weddings in Thailand's major cities.

Bronze Plan:

For celebrations that mark life's precious moments without extravagance.

Siam Planner's vibrant art frame encapsulates the energy of Thai celebrations, from club scenes to traditional dances. Perfectly illustrating our comprehensive party planning services for unforgettable private parties, club nights, and birthdays in Thailand's top cities.

Elevate Your Celebrations! Siam Planner turns every occasion into an unforgettable event. Private parties, club nights, birthdays — experience Thailand's best in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.

Pattaya Song by Siam Planner
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This Siam Planner art frame celebrates multicultural love, featuring couples from around the world amidst iconic symbols of Thailand. It's a testament to Siam Planner's expertise in creating bespoke weddings that blend traditions and modern elegance in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket.

Your Dream Wedding Awaits! Let Siam Planner craft your perfect day — from intimate honeymoons to grand destination weddings in Thailand's paradise. Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket — your love story starts here.

Our Three-Stage Approach

1. Event Design: We begin by capturing your vision, choosing themes and styles to shape your event's look and feel.

2. Event Organizing: Next, we handle the details - venue, vendors, and logistics - aligning everything with your vision.

3. Event Management: On the big day, we ensure seamless execution, managing every aspect for a perfect celebration.

Ready to take the hassle out of planning your event?

Let Siam Planner make your special day special!

Contact us!

We are not just any wedding or party planner!

We are The Siam Planner Co., Ltd.


Diverse Party Planning

Expertly orchestrating a variety of parties in Thailand, from vibrant birthday bashes, luxurious yacht and limo parties to exclusive private jet celebrations.

Event Decor

Creating visually stunning decor that transforms any space in Thailand into a dream setting for weddings and parties, tailored to your theme and style.


Offering seamless transport solutions in Thailand for weddings and parties, from luxury cars to group shuttles, ensuring your guests arrive in​ style and comfort.

Wedding or Party Attire

Providing you with a diverse range of elegant attire ideas in Thailand, perfect for enhancing the style of any wedding or party.

Event Insurance

Offering robust insurance options for weddings and parties in Thailand, safeguarding your event against unforeseen circumstances.

Fine Jewelry

Assisting in selecting the finest jewelry from Thailand's best designers and shops for your wedding or party.

Live Entertainment

Our live entertainment options in Thailand add excitement to any wedding or party, from bands to performance artists.

Event Staffing

Providing professional, English-speaking event staff in Thailand to ensure smooth management of your wedding or party.

Global Weddings

Specializing in multicultural weddings, we bring Thai, Chinese,​ Japanese, Western, Korean, and Indian traditions to life in Thailand's most picturesque locations.

Videography and photography

Capturing the essence of your Thailand event with professional videography and photography, preserving unforgettable moments of your wedding or party.

Floral Design

Our floral design services in Thailand add elegance to weddings and parties with bespoke arrangements that complement your event's theme.

Beauty Services

Our beauty experts in Thailand specialize in wedding and party makeup and hairstyling, ensuring you look flawless for your special event.

Security Services

From personal bodyguards to large event security in Thailand, we ensure your wedding or party is safe and secure.

Music & DJ

Providing top-tier DJs and music options in Thailand to set the perfect tone for your wedding or party.

Budget Planning

Expert budget planning services for weddings and parties in Thailand, ensuring your vision is realized within your financial means.

Custom Cakes

Crafting custom cakes for weddings, birthdays, or any event in Thailand, tailored to fit your theme and taste.


Offering a selection of breathtaking venues in Thailand, from private villas and luxury hotels to yachts and secluded islands, perfect for weddings and parties.

Audio & Lighting

Elevate your wedding or party in Thailand with our professional audio and lighting services, creating the perfect ambiance for every event.

Guest Accommodations

We arrange premium accommodations in Thailand for your wedding or party guests, ensuring comfort and convenience in stunning locales.

Legal Support

Providing comprehensive legal support for weddings and parties in Thailand, ensuring all aspects of your event are legally sound.

Keynote Speakers

Featuring inspiring keynote speakers to add a touch of wisdom and elegance to your wedding or party in Thailand.

Event Dancers

Enhancing your wedding or party in Thailand with multicultural dance performances, showcasing a variety of cultural traditions.

Gourmet Catering

Offering diverse gourmet catering in Thailand for every culture and country, elevating the dining experience at your wedding or party.

Technology Integration

Incorporating the latest technology to enhance weddings and parties in Thailand, from live streaming to advanced audiovisual setups.

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