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Siam Planner is a Wedding, Party and Event Planner Service in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket
Welcome to Siam Planner Co Ltd
Turn your trip to Thailand into a golden travel with tyhe help of Siam Planner -event and party in Thailand

Make the special day special!

Events, Parties, and Special Occasions to Order and Tailored to Fit Your Budget!


Wedding &Partie

In Thailand

Bangkok - Pattaya - Phuket

by Siam Planner Co., LTD.
Booking Yacht, Jet, Helicopter, TukTuk, and Limousine for Your Party, wedding and Events in Thailand -Siam Planner
Multicultural wedding in Thailand. Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, and Western weddings in Thailand by Siam Planner
Club party and VIP tabel in clubs by Siam Planner

Are you planning an event in Thailand (Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket) and need some help? Look no further than Siam Planner. We’re ready to bring our creativity, organizational skills, and event expertise to your event. From location to food, from décor to music, groom suit, and wedding dress, we can design, organize, and manage your event to make it all you want it to be. Invitation cards, mementos for guests, transportation, video, photography—our expertise and connections are waiting to make your special day truly special!

With a dedicated, hard-working, creative team of professionals, Siam Planner Co., LTD, designs events just for you. Not only do we provide specialized design packages, we can also organize and manage the whole event for you. Or you can take our event design and move on to execute it on your own. 

No matter the kind of event you need, Siam Planner has you covered:


Personal: We design and manage private events like (Thai, Indian, Chinese, Western, and so on...) International wedding parties, club parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, honeymoons, marriage proposals, anniversaries, birthday parties, and more!

Business: Siam Planner designs and manages corporate events like business parties, conferences, seminars, festivals, concerts, and more!

Let us help you push the limits of your event. We organize whatever you need, be that a TukTuk, limousine, private jet, bodyguards, live music, hotel, yacht, balloon—the sky is the limit with Siam Planner!


Don’t let YOUR event be another stock party!

Siam Planner designs events matching YOUR plan and YOUR budget! Make the special day truly special!


How does it work?

Step One: Contact Us

Contact us via WhatsApp [number or link to bottom of site] to discuss your plan and provide us with starting details.

Be sure to provide:

Name and contact information

Date of your event

Type of event

Special features

Siam Planner will call for more details. We respond within 5 minutes during normal working hours. If you contact us outside of these hours, we will respond the next morning. [7 DAYS A WEEK- 9am TO 9pm]

Step Two: Purchase an Event Design Package

Order and pay for an event design tailored for you.

At this stage, you’ll provide more detail via forms and pay for the initial design services. We will be in contact to make sure we have all the information we need to design the perfect event based on your total budget and needs. Once we have completed the design, we will share it with you via email.

The design package you’ve purchased is YOURS, you are free to use it to execute the event yourself.


All payments made to Siam Planner Co., LTD. are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of our design services, which includes reservations made with third parties, we cannot at this time offer any refunds.


Step Three: Purchase the Event Package

Once you are satisfied with the Event Design and are ready for Siam Planner to put it into action, you will pay the remaining amount and then enjoy your event!

If you like the design a lot but want to make some adjustments, you also must purchase the Event Package and then we can continue discussions and perfect the design.


All payments made to Siam Planner Co., LTD. are non-refundable.

Due to the nature of our event services, which include subcontracting, we cannot at this time offer any refunds.

How do I know my budget and Which Plan To Get?

YOU Decide YOUR Budget, Then Siam Planner Creates an Event Based On Your Budget and the Data YOU Provide!

Siam Planner offers five levels of event plans.

Bronze (For Budgets Of 20,000 To 50,000 Thai Baht)

Silver (For Budgets OF 50,000 To 100,0000 Thai Baht)

Gold (For Budgets OF 100,000 To 300,0000 Thai Baht)

Platinum (For Budgets OF 300,000 To 500,0000 Thai Baht)

Diamond (For Budgets OF Over 500,000 Thai Baht)

* Siam Planner charges an Event Design Package fee that is a percentage of the total event budget. If you choose to have us also execute your event, we then charge you the remainder of the event budget.

The bigger the event budget, the smaller the design fee percentage!

Unsure how much your event is likely to cost? contact us and explain your needs!

Siam Planner Thailand

What can Siam Planner do for me?


Venues and Transportation

By land, by sea, or by air—in a beautiful private outdoor location, at an elegant venue, in a private pool villa—Siam Planner can elevate your event! We contract with top quality venues to provide a stunning space for you and your guests, but our services go far beyond just places. We can also make sure you get there in style, in a limousine, helicopter, or private jet. If an experience is part of the thrill, why not take a balloon ride or host your party in a yacht? Siam Planner is up to the challenge, are you?



Make your party shine with the right lights, décor, and music! All the details can quickly bog you down—but Siam Planner is ready to take over and keep everything running smoothly. Siam Planner organizes video and photography services, DJ services, flower arrangements, dancing, and more!



However you party, Siam Planner can help you party hard! Enjoy a fun filled evening without the hassle and stress of making sure it runs smoothly. Siam Planner does all the behind the scenes work so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your guests.

Do you want an elegant venue or a special location? Do you need a fabulous menu personalized to your and your guests’ taste? How about something special to get you there—a TukTuk, limousine, helicopter, or private jet? From air balloons to yachts, Siam Planner can make your special day special. We organize lighting, music, and personalized décor for a unique event tailored to your specific needs.

Siam Planner can help with venue, drinks, dances, menus, invitation cards, mementos for guests, transportation, video, photography, bodyguards, attendants, hotel arrangements, and so much more! Get started planning your event with Siam Planner today!

Club Party or Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

What better way to party than with your best friends? Siam Planner organizes stunning club parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties. 

Want your VIP table to shine at the club? Let Siam Planner arrange your table, décor, and menu. Siam Planner can contract an escort (bodyguard) who can role-play as a friend, arrange a limousine to take you to and from the club, and make your table stand out from the crowd with unlimited creativity.

Siam Planner arranges parties at clubs, in your own private pool villa, or at the venue of your choice. We arrange DJs, dance groups, attendants, food, drink, and so much more.

From the music of your choice to dancing, from lights to an elegant dinner, our services will make your party the place to be. We work closely with you and with the best venues and services in town to make sure your party is perfect.


Celebrate your love the right way in a calmly romantic atmosphere without the stress of doing it all yourself. Siam Planner can help with your honeymoon, romantic dinner, Valentine’s Day celebration, or anniversary. We’ll find the venue that’s right for you and meal and music you’ll love.

Birthday Party

Make their special day extra special with Siam Planner! We throw birthday parties to remember for all ages and styles. Give your kid something to remember with an entertaining party or surprise a loved one with a special atmosphere created just for them.


It’s a big day—but it doesn’t have to be a big headache. Siam Planner can take the hassle out of your wedding so you can focus on what really matters. We also offer great possibilities of bringing a multi-cultural flavor to your wedding to make the day as unique as you are!


Showcase your art or craft the right way with a beautiful festival to celebrate creativity! Let Siam Planner help you find the perfect venue and create the right atmosphere for your festival. From invitations to logistics, Siam Planner can help you bring your festival vision to life.


This is the moment—make sure it’s unforgettable! Siam Planner can help you ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. Take her out on a yacht or for a wonderful dinner, or anything in between. Siam Planner can help you execute a proposal for the record books.

Romantic Dinner

Share an evening to remember with your special someone. Siam Planner organizes venues, lighting, music, and all you need to create a personalized, unforgettable atmosphere.

Graduation Party

Every achievement deserves to be recognized. Celebrate your graduation with style and fun, and let Siam Planner take the hassle out of planning. We design invitations, find venues, and organize menus. Make the party your own with some special additions such as music, dancing, or other entertainment!

Business Meeting, Corporate Event, or Product Launch

Need a worry-free way to make your business event run smoothly? Siam Planner will help your event be as professional as you are. We can organize transportation, hotel stays, and meeting venues, plus help with invitations, dinners, and more.

Ready to take the hassle out of planning your event? Let Siam Planner make your special day special!

Contact us!

Please message us with:

Date of your event

Type of event

Special features

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