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Siam Planner: Capturing Timeless Memories with Premier Videography and Photography in Thailand

In the realm of weddings and parties, the power of a photograph or a video lies in its ability to immortalize moments, emotions, and the very essence of your special day. Siam Planner, with its world-class videography and photography services, stands at the forefront of capturing these timeless memories in Thailand. Our professional team is adept at documenting the beauty of diverse celebrations, from the intricate rituals of Thai and Indian weddings to the elegant nuances of Western ceremonies, and from the vibrant festivities of Chinese parties to the solemn grace of Islamic events.

A Picture-Perfect Palette: Multicultural Weddings and Parties

Our photographers and videographers are visual storytellers, skilled in the art of translating the multicultural tapestry of your wedding or party into stunning images and films. They are sensitive to the unique aspects of each nationality, ensuring that the vibrancy of an Indian wedding, the harmony of a Thai ceremony, the opulence of a Chinese event, and the sophistication of a Western celebration are all captured with authenticity and flair.

Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya: Your Scenic Backdrop

Thailand offers a plethora of picturesque locations, and Siam Planner makes the most of these stunning backdrops. From the lively urban energy of Bangkok to the serene shores of Phuket and the enchanting vibes of Pattaya, our visual experts ensure that your photographs and videos are as breathtaking as the settings.

State-of-the-Art Technology Meets Artistry

Employing the latest in photographic and cinematic technology, our team captures high-quality, crisp, and dynamic visuals. Drone footage, steady cams, and artistic lighting techniques are all part of our repertoire, bringing a cinematic quality to your wedding films and a magazine-worthy polish to your photos.

Your Story, Our Lens: A Personalized Approach to Visuals

Understanding that each couple has a unique narrative, we offer a personalized approach. Our pre-event consultations ensure we understand your vision and preferences, which allows us to tailor our photography and videography to your personal style, whether it's candid and natural, traditional and posed, or a blend of both.

Sealing Your Moments in Time with Siam Planner

With Siam Planner, every smile, tear, and tender moment is captured for you to revisit for years to come. Let us be the ones to freeze time on your most precious day, creating a legacy of memories through our lenses.



Personalizing Your Celebrations with a Creative Touch, Uniquely Yours!

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