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Photography and Videography Excellence:

Learn about Siam Planner’s cinematic videography and photography services, featuring the latest technology and creative ideas.

Cinematic and Creative Services in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket by Siam Planner for your wedding, Event and Parties

Siam Planner, renowned for its comprehensive event planning services in Thailand's vibrant cities - Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, extends its expertise to offer top-notch photography and videography services. Catering to a diverse clientele, including Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Western clients, Siam Planner ensures that every significant moment, be it in a wedding, party, or corporate event, is captured with cinematic flair and creativity. Let's delve into their photography and videography excellence:

State-of-the-Art Technology

  1. Latest Equipment: Utilizing the newest cameras, drones, and stabilizers to deliver high-quality, stunning visuals.

  2. Advanced Editing Software: Employing cutting-edge editing tools to enhance images and videos, ensuring a polished and professional finish.

Diverse Photographic Styles

  1. Traditional and Cultural Photography: Capturing the essence of diverse cultural ceremonies and traditions, with a keen eye for culturally significant moments.

  2. Contemporary and Artistic Shots: Offering a modern twist to event photography, with creative compositions and unique perspectives.

Cinematic Videography

  1. Storytelling through Film: Crafting narrative-driven videos that tell the unique story of each event, whether it's an intimate beach wedding in Phuket or a grand corporate gala in Bangkok.

  2. Cinematic Highlights: Creating compelling highlight reels that encapsulate the essence of the event in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Customized Photography and Videography Packages

  1. Tailored to Client Needs: Offering personalized packages that cater to the specific requirements of different events, from lavish Indian weddings to elegant Western-style parties.

  2. Pre-Event and Post-Event Shoots: Including services like pre-wedding shoots, engagement sessions, and post-event highlights.

Creative and Innovative Approaches

  1. Drone Photography and Videography: Capturing breathtaking aerial shots that offer a unique perspective of the event’s setting, perfect for showcasing the scenic beauty of Thailand’s beaches and cityscapes.

  2. Time-Lapse and Slow-Motion Videos: Utilizing creative filming techniques to add an artistic dimension to event videos.

Professional and Skilled Team

  1. Experienced Photographers and Videographers: Collaborating with industry professionals who have a passion for capturing life’s most precious moments.

  2. Multilingual Team: Ensuring clear communication and understanding, especially crucial for international clients hosting events in Thailand.

Comprehensive Coverage

  1. Full Event Coverage: From start to finish, ensuring every key moment is captured, be it in the bustling nightlife of Pattaya or the serene elegance of a Phuket resort.

  2. Special Moments and Candid Shots: Focusing on capturing genuine, candid moments that reflect the emotion and atmosphere of the event.

Siam Planner’s Excellence

  • Attention to Detail: Capturing the intricate details of the decor, attire, and ambiance, which are essential in reliving the event experience.

  • Quick Turnaround Time: Ensuring timely delivery of photos and videos without compromising on quality.

  • Collaborative Approach: Working closely with clients to understand their vision and preferences, ensuring the final product aligns with their expectations.

Photography and videography are integral components of capturing the essence of any event, and with Siam Planner’s commitment to excellence, clients are assured of receiving a visual storytelling experience that is both memorable and exceptional. Whether it’s capturing the vibrant hues of a traditional Thai wedding, the elegance of a corporate event in Bangkok, or the intimate moments of a beachside party in Pattaya, Siam Planner’s photography and videography services promise to immortalize your event’s most cherished moments.


Multi-Cultural and Themed Event Photography

  1. Cultural Weddings: Expertise in capturing the unique beauty and rituals of diverse weddings, including Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Western ceremonies.

  2. Themed Event Coverage: Skilled in adapting to various themes, be it a traditional Thai festival in Bangkok or a modern corporate party in Phuket.

Personalized Videography Concepts

  1. Love Stories and Personal Narratives: Creating personalized videos that tell the unique love story of couples, ideal for weddings and anniversaries.

  2. Corporate Brand Stories: Crafting corporate videos that effectively communicate brand messages and values, suitable for business events and product launches.

Advanced Filming Techniques

  1. Underwater Videography: Offering underwater shooting for events like beach weddings and parties near Pattaya’s beaches or Phuket’s islands.

  2. Night Videography: Specializing in low-light filming techniques to capture the vibrant nightlife and evening events in Bangkok and other cities.

Specialized Photography Services

  1. Portrait Sessions: Professional portrait sessions for individuals, couples, families, or corporate teams, tailored to the client’s preferences.

  2. Event Photo Booths: Setting up interactive photo booths with props and backgrounds, adding a fun element to any event.

Editing and Post-Production Excellence

  1. Professional Photo Retouching: Enhancing photos with professional retouching to bring out the best in each shot.

  2. Creative Video Montages: Compiling event footage into creative montages, complete with music, transitions, and effects.

Photography and Videography Workshops

  1. Client Photography Classes: Offering photography workshops for clients interested in learning basic shooting techniques.

  2. Videography Training Sessions: Conducting videography training for corporate teams or individuals looking to enhance their video-making skills.

Seamless Integration with Event Planning

  1. Coordinated Shoots with Decor and Themes: Ensuring that photography and videography efforts are in harmony with the event’s decor and theme.

  2. Collaboration with Other Vendors: Working alongside other event vendors to ensure cohesive coverage and documentation.

Siam Planner’s Commitment to Quality

  • High-Resolution Deliverables: Providing high-quality images and videos that stand the test of time.

  • Backup and Data Security: Ensuring all captured content is securely backed up, guaranteeing peace of mind for clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction Focus: Prioritizing client satisfaction with a responsive and client-focused service approach.

With Siam Planner’s photography and videography services, clients can expect a blend of technical expertise, creative vision, and attentive service. Whether capturing the grandeur of a lavish wedding in Bangkok, the intimate moments of a family gathering in Pattaya, or the professional ambiance of a corporate event in Phuket, Siam Planner guarantees a visual documentation that is both impactful and timeless. Their services not only freeze moments in time but also tell a story that resonates with emotion and authenticity, making each event unforgettable.


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