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This image showcases the Siam Planner Co., LTD logo, representing our brand's commitment to creating exceptional business events in Thailand.
The Siam Planner logo emphasizes our dedication to providing top-tier corporate event planning services across Thailand.

Business Events in Thailand
Bangkok - Pattaya - Phuket - Chiang Mai

Siam Planner Co., LTD.

Welcome to Siam Planner Co., LTD

Welcome to Siam Planner Co., LTD, your premier destination for professional business event planning in Thailand. We specialize in organizing exceptional corporate gatherings in major cities, including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring each event is executed with precision and creativity. Whether you are planning a conference, a product launch, a team-building event, or a corporate celebration, Siam Planner is dedicated to making your business event a resounding success.

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Comprehensive Business Event Planning Services

Corporate Conferences and Seminars
We provide end-to-end solutions for large-scale conferences and seminars:

  • Venue Selection: Choose from prestigious venues, including conference centers and luxury hotels, tailored to accommodate any number of attendees and technical requirements.

  • Technical Support: Our team provides state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, on-site technical support, and live streaming capabilities to ensure your conference or seminar runs smoothly.

  • Agenda Planning: We help you develop comprehensive agendas, coordinate with speakers, and manage session schedules to keep your event on track.

  • Registration Management: We handle attendee registration, manage check-in processes, and provide on-site support to ensure a seamless experience for participants.

Corporate Parties and Celebrations
Celebrate company milestones with expertly planned corporate parties:

  • Theme Development: We create unique concepts reflecting your company's culture and vision, from elegant gala dinners to vibrant themed parties.

  • Entertainment: Our entertainment options include live bands, DJs, performance artists, and interactive activities, ensuring your guests are entertained throughout the event.

  • Catering: Enjoy gourmet menus featuring international and local cuisines, tailored to meet dietary preferences and requirements.

  • Decor and Design: Our creative team designs stunning decor that transforms venues into captivating spaces, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your event.

Team Building Events
Engage and strengthen team dynamics with tailored team-building events:

  • Activity Planning: We offer a variety of team-building activities such as outdoor adventures, problem-solving challenges, and creative workshops designed to strengthen team dynamics.

  • Facilitators: Professional facilitators guide your team through activities, ensuring participation, engagement, and positive outcomes.

  • Customized Programs: We tailor team-building programs to align with your company’s goals, objectives, and team culture, providing a memorable and impactful experience.

Product Launches and Exhibitions
Create impactful product launches and exhibitions:

  • Venue Scouting: Select from premier venues that best showcase your product, whether it's an innovative tech product in a modern exhibition hall or a luxury item in an upscale venue.

  • Event Design: Our designers create visually stunning displays and setups that highlight your product’s features and benefits.

  • Marketing Support: We assist with marketing strategies, including social media promotion, press releases, and media coverage to maximize your product launch impact.

  • Guest Management: From VIP invitations to managing guest lists and providing hospitality services, we ensure your attendees have an exceptional experience.

Business Meetings and Workshops
Ensure productive business meetings and workshops:

  • Meeting Spaces: Choose from a variety of professional meeting rooms and workshop spaces equipped with modern amenities.

  • Logistical Support: We provide all necessary logistical support, including transportation arrangements, accommodation bookings, and on-site coordination.

  • Facilitation and Moderation: Experienced facilitators and moderators guide discussions and activities, ensuring focused and productive sessions.

  • Refreshments and Catering: Enjoy a selection of refreshments, snacks, and catering options tailored to your meeting schedule and preferences.

Incentive Travel Programs
Motivate employees with bespoke incentive travel programs:

  • Travel Planning: We handle all aspects of travel planning, from flights and accommodations to local transportation and guided tours.

  • Itinerary Creation: Customized itineraries featuring cultural experiences, adventure activities, and relaxation opportunities tailored to your team’s interests.

  • Event Coordination: On-site coordination and support to manage all logistics, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your team.

Corporate Retreats
Enhance team cohesion with corporate retreats:

  • Retreat Venues: Select from serene and luxurious retreat venues in scenic locations such as Phuket and Chiang Mai.

  • Program Development: We assist in developing a retreat program that includes team-building activities, strategic planning sessions, and relaxation time.

  • Full-Service Coordination: Our team handles all aspects of retreat coordination, from travel arrangements to on-site management, ensuring a productive and rejuvenating experience.

Professional Photography and Videography
Capture every moment of your business event with our professional photography and videography services:

  • Event Documentation: High-quality photos and videos capturing key moments.

  • Post-Event Media: Edited footage and photo albums preserving the event's memories.

Security Services
Ensure the safety and security of your business events with our professional security services:

  • Personal Bodyguards: Discreet and effective protection for VIP guests.

  • Venue Security: Comprehensive security solutions for a safe environment.

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Why Choose Siam Planner Co., LTD?

Comprehensive Event Management

Siam Planner Co., LTD offers a full spectrum of event management services, ensuring that every aspect of your business event is meticulously planned and executed. From initial concept development to post-event wrap-up, we handle all details, allowing you to focus on your business objectives.

Expertise in Diverse Event Types

Our expertise spans various types of business events:

  • Corporate Conferences and Seminars: We organize large-scale conferences and seminars with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and efficient registration management.

  • Product Launches and Exhibitions: We create impactful product launches and exhibitions with visually stunning displays, effective marketing support, and VIP guest management.

  • Corporate Parties and Celebrations: From elegant gala dinners to themed parties, our creative team ensures that your celebrations are memorable and reflective of your company’s culture.

Tailored Team Building Programs

We understand the importance of team cohesion and morale. Our team-building events are designed to strengthen team dynamics through customized activities.

Exclusive Venue Selection

Siam Planner provides access to an extensive range of exclusive venues across Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. We offer:

  • Luxury Villas and Private Beaches: Ideal for intimate gatherings and high-profile events.

  • Chic Rooftop Bars and Exclusive Clubs: Perfect for vibrant and energetic celebrations.

  • Professional Meeting Rooms and Conference Centers: Equipped with modern amenities for business meetings, workshops, and seminars.

Customized Catering Services

Our gourmet catering services are tailored to meet diverse dietary preferences and culinary tastes. We offer:

  • Custom Menus: Featuring international and local cuisines designed to delight all guests.

  • Dietary Accommodations: We cater to vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary needs.

End-to-End Logistical Support

We provide comprehensive logistical support to ensure smooth event execution:

  • Transportation Arrangements: From luxury cars to group shuttles and private jets.

  • Accommodation Bookings: We handle hotel reservations and guest accommodations.

  • On-Site Coordination: Our dedicated event staff manage all on-site details.

Advanced Technical Support

Our technical support team ensures that your event runs smoothly with:

  • State-of-the-Art AV Equipment: High-quality sound systems, projectors, and lighting setups.

  • Live Streaming Capabilities: Professional live streaming services.

  • On-Site Technical Support: Immediate troubleshooting and support.


Choosing Siam Planner Co., LTD for your business events in Thailand guarantees a professionally executed event tailored to your specific needs. Whether it's a conference in Bangkok, a corporate party in Pattaya, a team-building event in Phuket, or a retreat in Chiang Mai, our comprehensive services ensure a seamless and memorable experience. Contact us today to start planning your next successful business event in Thailand.

A creative representation of the word "PARTY," highlighting the vibrant and exciting corporate parties and celebrations we organize.


Q1: What types of business events does Siam Planner Co., LTD specialize in? A1: We specialize in a wide range of business events, including corporate conferences and seminars, product launches and exhibitions, corporate parties and celebrations, team-building events, business meetings and workshops, incentive travel programs, and corporate retreats. Each event is tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Q2: What cities in Thailand do you serve for business events? A2: We provide business event planning services in major cities across Thailand, including Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai.

Q3: What services are included in your corporate conference and seminar planning? A3: Our corporate conference and seminar planning services include venue selection, technical support with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, agenda planning, and registration management. We ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

Q4: How do you assist with corporate parties and celebrations? A4: For corporate parties and celebrations, we offer theme development, a wide range of entertainment options, gourmet catering, and stunning decor and design to transform venues into captivating spaces. Our goal is to create memorable and reflective celebrations of your company’s culture.

Q5: What types of team-building activities do you offer? A5: Our team-building activities include outdoor adventures, problem-solving challenges, and creative workshops. Professional facilitators guide these activities to ensure engagement and positive outcomes, tailored to your company’s goals and team culture.

Q6: How do you handle product launches and exhibitions? A6: For product launches and exhibitions, we provide venue scouting, event design with visually stunning displays, marketing support including social media promotion and press releases, and guest management services to ensure an impactful launch.

Q7: What support do you offer for business meetings and workshops? A7: We offer professional meeting spaces, logistical support including transportation and accommodation bookings, facilitation and moderation by experienced professionals, and tailored refreshments and catering.

Q8: What is included in your incentive travel programs? A8: Our incentive travel programs include comprehensive travel planning, customized itineraries featuring cultural experiences, adventure activities, and relaxation opportunities, and on-site coordination to manage all logistics.

Q9: How do you enhance corporate retreats? A9: For corporate retreats, we offer luxurious retreat venues, program development including team-building activities and strategic planning sessions, and full-service coordination from travel arrangements to on-site management.

Q10: Do you provide professional photography and videography services? A10: Yes, we offer professional photography and videography services to capture every moment of your business event. This includes high-quality photos and videos, as well as edited footage and photo albums to preserve the memories of your event.

Q11: What security services do you offer for business events? A11: Our security services include discreet and effective protection for VIP guests with personal bodyguards and comprehensive venue security solutions to ensure a safe environment for all attendees.

Q12: What types of venues do you offer for business events? A12: We provide access to a range of exclusive venues including luxury villas and private beaches, chic rooftop bars and exclusive clubs, and professional meeting rooms and conference centers equipped with modern amenities.

Q13: How do you cater to dietary preferences in your catering services? A13: Our gourmet catering services offer custom menus featuring international and local cuisines, and we cater to various dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary preferences to ensure every guest enjoys a satisfying meal.

Q14: What logistical support do you provide for business events? A14: We provide comprehensive logistical support including transportation arrangements (luxury cars, group shuttles, and private jets), accommodation bookings, and on-site coordination to ensure smooth event execution.

Q15: What technical support do you offer for business events? A15: Our technical support includes state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, live streaming capabilities, and on-site technical support for immediate troubleshooting and assistance during the event.

Q16: Why should we choose Siam Planner Co., LTD for our business event planning? A16: Choosing Siam Planner Co., LTD ensures a professionally executed event tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of event planning, from initial concept development to post-event wrap-up, allowing you to focus on your business objectives. Our expertise in diverse event types, exclusive venue selection, customized catering, advanced technical support, and end-to-end logistical support guarantees a seamless and memorable experience.

An artistic depiction of the word "OFFICE," reflecting the professional environment we create for business meetings and workshops.

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